Dog And Cat Lost N Found Service
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Dog & Cat Lost N Found Service

At our Dog and Cat Lost and Found Service, we understand the distress and anxiety that comes with a missing pet. Our dedicated team provides a specialized service aimed at reuniting you with your beloved companions as swiftly as possible. Utilizing an extensive network and the latest technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to track down and recover lost dogs and cats.

Our service features a dynamic lost pet database, where pet owners can report missing animals, and finders can post found pets to facilitate quick reunions. We also offer a pet amber alert system that broadcasts alerts to a wide network of shelters, veterinary clinics, volunteer search teams, and community members.

For pets equipped with microchips, we provide microchip tracking services, leveraging this technology to pinpoint your pet's location. In addition, our GPS pet tracker offers real-time location tracking for enrolled pets, giving owners immediate updates on their pet's whereabouts.

Our experienced pet detectives employ proven search techniques and are equipped with the necessary tools to conduct thorough searches for your missing pet. Additionally, for immediate assistance, our lost pet hotline is staffed with knowledgeable operators ready to guide you through the process of finding your pet.

With compassion and commitment, our Dog and Cat Lost and Found Service works tirelessly to close the distance between you and your lost pet, bringing peace of mind and joyous reunions.

Steps to our Lost N Found Service

1st Step

Contact us so we know to expect you if you are dropping off a found animal. or that you have found one.

2nd Step

Bring the dog or cat down to our centre if possible. If not we may be able to come to you.

3rd Step

We will take the animal in to scan for a chip. 

4th Step

If a chip is found we will contact and reunite the pet with the owner. If no chip is found we connect with shelters that could take them in.