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Association of Protecting Exotic Species
Shelter & Rescue, Pet Shop, Pet Care Clinic & more.
Association of Protecting Exotic Species
Association of Protecting Exotic Species
Shelter & Rescue, Pet Shop, Pet Care Clinic & more.
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  • Welcome to APES!

    APES is an entity focused on the welfare, protection, and conservation of exotic species, which are often non-domesticated animals not native to a region. 
  • New Arrivals Wednesday

    Every Wednesday we upload our new animals. Want to see what new animals has been added since last Wednesday? Click the button below.


    Calling all animal enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash your inner hero and embark on an adventure with our brand-new MyAPES Portal! It's your one-stop shop for everything awesome in the world of animal welfare. Whether you dream of rescuing a furry friend, providing a loving home to a scaly companion, or simply want to learn more about these incredible creatures, we've got you covered.

    Think of it as your backstage pass to the APES experience – get to know our amazing animal residents, discover their quirky personalities, and learn how you can become their biggest fan. We've also packed the portal with fun facts, exciting volunteer gigs, and upcoming events that'll make your tail wag with joy.

    So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the MyAPES Portal and join our passionate community of animal lovers. Together, we can create a world where every creature, big and small, receives the love and care they deserve. Let's make a difference, one click at a time!

  • We are stretching our reach!

    We now service the surrounding areas of Merseyside. We no provide supporting in Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. 

  • APES Pet Care Clinic

    Get first aid, help, support and advice from our team of trained professionals.
  • APES Pet Shop

    Visit our pet shop, get your products delivered, we even have free local delivery for house bound owners. Now also available is click and collect.
  • APES Donors

    Donate in a new way, join our interactive community. Animal pages, content from the animals we have and more.

  • Exotics @ Large

    First of it's kind, have you lost or found some ones exotic pet? Join our lost and found board.
    in times of need. The pet bank.

    Are you struggling with finances? We have a pet bank that can help see you through the hard times.
  • Awarded!

    Most Educational Online Tool & Resources Hub 2023 - Merseyside
  • APES Cats N Dogs Rehoming Network

    @ APES we can not take in every species of animal, and every day we get calls from people asking for help. We have designed the following website with that in mind, for people who do not want to get money for their cats and dogs, just a nice warm loving home. Join APES Cats N Dogs Rehoming Network for free and give a cat or dog a home, or maybe advertise your pet for rehoming.

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About APES

Who are we?

APES is an entity focused on the welfare, protection, and conservation of exotic species, which are often non-domesticated animals not native to a region. Our organization's aim is to:

  • Provide shelter and care for displaced, abandoned, or abused exotic animals.
  • Educate the public about the needs and complexities associated with keeping exotic pets.
  • Advocate for legislation and policies that protect exotic species and their habitats.
  • Conduct or support conservation efforts to protect and preserve endangered species and biodiversity.
  • Offer rescue services for exotic animals in need and rehabilitate them with the goal of adoption, if possible.
  • Promote ethical treatment and prevent wildlife trafficking and exploitation.

The activities can include running sanctuaries or shelters for animals, mobilizing rescue operations, organizing adoption programs for animals that can be safely placed in informed and prepared homes and raising public awareness about environmental and conservation issues. 

What do we do?

Our exotic animal shelter and rescue organization typically focuses on the care, rehabilitation, and protection of non-domestic animals that are considered "exotic." These can include a wide range of species such as reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals that are not commonly kept as pets, as well as those that are not native to the country where the shelter operates. The key functions and activities of an exotic animal shelter and rescue include:

  1. Rescue Operations: They respond to situations where exotic animals are in need of assistance, whether due to abandonment, illegal trade, cruelty, or because they have become lost or injured.

  2. Rehabilitation: Once rescued, exotic animals often require specialized care to recover from trauma, neglect, or injury. The shelter provides veterinary care, appropriate nutrition, and rehabilitation services to help the animals regain their health.

  3. Sanctuary and Long-Term Care: Some animals may not be able to return to the wild or be suitable for adoption due to their specialized needs, health issues, or behavioral problems. Shelters often provide a permanent home for these animals, giving them a safe place to live out their lives.

  4. Adoption Services: When possible, the shelter will try to find suitable adoptive homes for animals that are capable of living safely and comfortably in a domestic environment. They facilitate the adoption process and ensure potential owners are prepared and equipped to take care of an exotic pet.

  5. Education and Advocacy: These organizations often work to educate the public about the special needs of exotic animals, the challenges and responsibilities associated with owning them as pets, and the issues related to the exotic pet trade. They may advocate for policy changes and better laws to protect exotic animals.

  6. Conservation Efforts: Some exotic animal shelters and rescues also participate in conservation efforts aimed at preserving endangered species and their natural habitats.

  7. Research: They might engage in research to better understand the needs of various species and contribute to the knowledge base that can improve care, conservation, and welfare standards.

  8. Networking and Collaboration: Often, they will network with other shelters, sanctuaries, conservationists, and law enforcement agencies to coordinate efforts and improve outcomes for exotic animals.

Our exotic animal shelter and rescue play a crucial role in the protection and preservation of biodiversity and in preventing the suffering of animals that are not meant to be kept as traditional pets. They provide a much-needed service in the face of issues such as habitat destruction, wildlife trafficking, and the exotic pet trade, helping to ensure that animals are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

Our Values

The values of our exotic animal shelter and rescue are the guiding principles that shape their mission and approach to animal welfare and conservation. While each organization may have its own specific set of values, some common values shared among many exotic animal shelters and rescues include:

  1. Compassion and Empathy: Prioritizing the humane and ethical treatment of all animals, showing kindness, and understanding the intrinsic value of every living being.

  2. Conservation and Biodiversity: Committing to protect and conserve endangered species and their natural habitats, fostering a world that respects and maintains ecological diversity.

  3. Responsibility and Stewardship: Taking responsibility for the well-being of exotic animals in human care and promoting responsible pet ownership and stewardship of the environment.

  4. Education and Awareness: Providing educational resources and raising public awareness about the complex needs of exotic animals, the implications of the exotic pet trade, and the importance of conservation.

  5. Respect for Animals and Nature: Respecting the natural behaviors and habitats of animals, and advocating against practices that exploit or harm them.

  6. Sustainability: Operating in a way that is environmentally sustainable and encourages others to take actions that reduce environmental impact.

  7. Integrity and Transparency: Operating with honesty, transparency, and accountability, maintaining the trust of supporters, volunteers, and the community.

  8. Collaboration and Community Engagement: Working with other organizations, volunteers, and the community to strengthen rescue and conservation efforts.

  9. Innovation and Adaptability: Embracing new methods and technologies to improve animal welfare and conservation outcomes, adapting to changing needs and challenges.

  10. Quality Care: Providing a high standard of care for the animals, including proper nutrition, veterinary care, and enrichment activities that promote physical and psychological well-being.

These values lay the foundation for the policies and day-to-day operations of an exotic animal shelter and rescue, ensuring they serve the best interests of the animals and the broader mission of wildlife conservation. They also help build a sense of trust and community among supporters, which is vital for the long-term success and impact of the organization.

What's our mission?

The mission of our exotic animal shelter and rescue typically focuses on the welfare, protection, and conservation of exotic animals. Although the specific mission can vary depending on the individual organization, it generally includes several core objectives:

  1. Rescue and Rehabilitation: To rescue exotic animals that have been abandoned, surrendered, or confiscated and provide them with necessary veterinary care and rehabilitation with the aim of improving their physical and psychological health.

  2. Shelter and Sanctuary: To offer a safe, nurturing, and species-appropriate environment for exotic animals that require long-term care and cannot be released back into their natural habitats or adopted into private homes.

  3. Rehoming and Adoption: To find suitable, informed, and prepared forever homes for those animals that are healthy and socially adapted enough to live with individuals or families, while ensuring ongoing education and support for adopters.

  4. Education and Advocacy: To educate the public about the special needs of exotic animals, the responsibilities involved in their care, the dangers and challenges of the exotic pet trade, and the importance of preserving natural habitats and biodiversity.

  5. Conservation Efforts: To participate in or support conservation programs that protect threatened or endangered species and their ecosystems, contributing to global biodiversity preservation.

  6. Research and Collaboration: To engage in or collaborate with others on scientific research that enhances the understanding of exotic species' behavior, biology, and conservation needs.

  7. Legislation and Policy Influence: To advocate for stronger animal welfare laws and regulations that prevent the exploitation and mistreatment of exotic animals, both in captivity and in the wild.

  8. Community Involvement: To foster a community of like-minded individuals and organizations that support the mission, promote volunteerism, and encourage collective action for the benefit of exotic animals.

The overall mission is driven by a deep respect for all living creatures and a recognition of the unique challenges that come with caring for exotic animals. A shelter and rescue organization for exotic animals work to ensure that animals under its care are treated with compassion and dignity, while also contributing to wider efforts that promote sustainable coexistence between humans and wildlife.

​Featured News From APES

Please see the latest featured news from APES.

10/06/2024 - Websites Updated

We're excited to announce a major update to our online presence! Our main website,, is now your go-to source for animal welfare advice, information, and campaigns. Meanwhile, our brand new APES Shelter & Rescue website,, is the place to find everything you need to know about our shelter, rescue efforts, and adoption processes. We've made these changes to make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for and to better serve the needs of our community. Head over to our websites and explore the new features!

08/03/2024 - Fun Zone

We're thrilled to announce that we've relocated our Fun Zone resources and tools to our newly designed Service Users Portal to offer you a seamless experience. To access it, simply hover over to the menu and click on 'Service Users'. If you already have an account for, go ahead and log in using your account credentials. If not, don't fret. Getting set up is quick, easy and free. All you need to do is click 'signup' located at the top right corner of our website. Join us in stepping into our new portal dedicated to offering the best to our service users.

07/02/2024 - New! Service User Portal

We are thrilled to invite you to explore our new Service User Portal, a digital gateway designed to deepen your involvement in animal welfare and broaden your engagement with APES. Our platform is thoughtfully created to provide an accessible and interactive experience that empowers you to take action. Whether you are looking to rescue, adopt, or surrender an exotic animal, our portal offers streamlined services to support your endeavors seamlessly. 

Gain insights into the lives of our resident animals, learn about their unique care requirements, and discover the many ways you can contribute to their well-being. You'll find dedicated sections for educational resources, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events, enabling you to stay informed and connected. By leveraging this portal, you're not just visiting a website; you're joining a community committed to the protection and preservation of exotic species. Get ready to embark on a journey of compassion and advocacy with APES, where every click brings you closer to making a tangible difference in the world of animal welfare.

27/12/2023 - Heat Mat & Thermostat policy

Attention prospective adopters! To ensure the highest welfare for our exotic animals, APES now requires all heat mats to be equipped with a functioning thermostat as a part of our vetting process for adoption. This crucial measure is to maintain a safe and regulated environment for your new scaly, feathery, or furry family member. Without a thermostated heat mat, adoption applications cannot proceed. By adhering to this rule, you are actively participating in our commitment to provide a secure and loving habitat, promoting the well-being of our beloved animals. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain the gold standard in exotic pet care.

15/01/2024 - APES expands its reach!

Our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for exotic animals has now taken a giant leap forward! We are thrilled to announce that APES is expanding its reach, and it's with immense pride we share that our services now cover most of the North West of England. This expansion means our capacity to protect and care for a greater number of these extraordinary creatures has increased significantly. Dedicated to the well-being of exotic pets, APES is now closer to you than ever, ready to offer support, education, and advocacy across a broader community. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to make a difference in the lives of exotic animals in need, ensuring they thrive in safe and nurturing environments. Welcome to our family, North West England – together, we can create a better world for our exotic friends!

Exotic Animal Shelter, Rescue, Adoptions, Sponsorships, & Donations & so much more. Helping to educating owners & help owners rehome their pets. Never judging and here to help if we can.

​The three R's

We go by the three R's in our everyday work. 


We rescue exotics of all types, from spiders, scorpions, reptiles, and more. Helping owners rehome their pets.


Regardless of how an animal looks, we will ensure it is healthy before rehoming.


We are dedicated to finding the best forever home possible. 

​Quick View of Our Services

See our services and quick access to services.

Shelter Service

For the surrendering of pets to our charity. We are not here to judge, we just want your pet to get a new home. We also help with people on benefits.

Rescue Service

For people and businesses that may find an unwanted visitor in their home or place of work.  If you need it removing this is the service for you.

Adoption Services

Adopt and don't shop, we have too many animals needing new homes. Adopt an animal today from APES Shelter & Rescue in St Helens.

APES Pet Shop

Our pet product selling shop, available in our center or online. We do not sell animals at the pet shop as we only do pet products. Reptile, Inverts, Dogs & Cat products available. 

APES Pet Care Clinic

A non-veterinary clinic to help people with everyday reptile, invert, dog and cat problems, from flea and worming treatments to claw clippings. Helping you keep your pet's welfare at the top of your list. 

Lost N Found Service

Free lost and found service for pet owners and for others to report a found animal. If our database gets a match we contact the owner and arrange for verification of ownership.

APES Social

In our cozy corner of Mastodon, the free and open-source social network, APES offers a unique platform for animal lovers, environmentalists, and the eco-curious to connect and share their passion for wildlife and conservation.

Adoption Wall

Show off your new family pet, take photos of him/her in their new environment, story's, videos and more available to upload. Share and comment, but remember to show love. 

Discord Server

Show off your new family pet, take photos of him/her in their new environment, story's, videos and more available to upload. Share and comment, but remember to show love. 

APES Donors

Sponsorships & Donations all in one place. With helpful information and facts, links to resources and much much more!

​See our causes!

Sometimes a signature can have a bigger impact then anything else. Please take a moment to look at our causes and if you agree why not sign?

​APES Services

APES Shelter & Rescue

Adoptions, Shelter Request, Rescue Request and more to do with the rehoming and rescues of pets and wild animals.


We have an center & online shop to help fund the rescues mission, feeding of the animals and more. Free delivery for WA9 area customers.

  • Enclosures
  • Substrate
  • Decor
  • Bowls & Hides
  • Live Food
  • And Much More!

NED - National Exotic Database

Care Sheets, Facts, Information, Health and more about your pets. Join and be part of the database and much more.

APES Pet Care

APES Pet Care is not a veterinary practice but a port of call for first aid and worries.

  • Consultations
  • Treatments
  • First Aid
  • Claws
  • Beaks
  • Flea & Worming
  • Microchipping

APES Donor Communtiy

Donate in a fun way, join our community. Get status updates, videos, photos, and much more. Join or login today!

APES Pet Bank

Times can get hard, but we can help with our pet bank. 

  • Dog Food
  • Cat Food

Exotics @ Large

Join our free lost and found exotic pet community.

APES Social

Join APES on Mastodon, our exciting social server where conservation conversations roar to life! 

In our cozy corner of Mastodon, the free and open-source social network, APES offers a unique platform for animal lovers, environmentalists, and the eco-curious to connect and share their passion for wildlife and conservation. Our Mastodon server is a hub for engaging discussions, inspiring stories, and updates about our ongoing efforts to protect and care for exotic animals. By joining us, you become part of an informed, compassionate community committed to making a difference for the animal kingdom.

🐾 Follow us:

Come trumpet with us on Mastodon and be a voice for the voiceless. Together, let's build a future where humans and animals thrive in harmony!

APES Discord

Step into the virtual sanctuary of APES on Discord!

Our Discord server is a vibrant, engaged community of animal advocates, pet parents, and wildlife enthusiasts – all united in our love for exotic animals. By joining APES on Discord, you'll find a plethora of resources, passionate conversations, and exclusive insights into the care and conservation of some of the most remarkable creatures on the planet. Whether you're seeking advice, wanting to participate in live events, or simply to share adorable pet photos, there's a place for you in our ever-growing family. Don’t miss out on exciting updates, educational talks, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals all dedicated to the APES mission.

🖇️ Connect with us: 

Become an integral part of our community and help us shape a world where the well-being of exotic animals is at the heart of everything we do. Join APES on Discord today!

We Need Your Enclosures!

Please donate your old enclosures to us. But we can only accept them if they are usable. We do not have the time or resources to fix old broken down enclosures. 

Please note we can not collect these, but you can drop them off at our center. Unit 7, 1st Floor, Cross House, Sutton Road, St Helens, WA9 3YH

Wooden Vivarium's Donated


Glass Vivarium's Donated


Cages Donated


Animals These Helped


View our Adoption Ready Animals

Animals Currently Accepted


Inverts of all types.


We accept the following breeds, King Snakes, Corn Snakes, Garter Snakes, Milk Snakes, Beauty Snakes, Royal Pythons, Hognose, Baby/Juvie Boa, and Baby/Juvie Pythons. We do not have the facility for fully grown boa, or Bermise Python.


We can only accept Geckos at this moment in time.


We can accept Hermans, spur thigh, horse field, Chinese Star and many others.


Due to the need we have started accepting rabbits.

Our YouTube Adoption Video

"Animals currently waiting for forever homes."