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Welfare // 24/7 Services //

New 24/7 Services Start 27/01/2023

We have a number of ways to contact us for advice and support. 

For shelter and rescue emergency requests we have a dedicated WhatsApp line, we will also keep you updated on WhatsApp status with;
  • Delays
  • Issues
  • And availability. 

Services provided during emergency hours are
  • Shelter Requests
  • Rescue Requests

What classifies as an emergency?
  • Made homeless by fire or flood
  • Kicked out from your home
  • Disconnection from utilities

For emergency vets please contact;

Rutland House Emergency Care

In an emergency, please call 01744 853510.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when your pet might need emergency treatment. It may have been in a life-threatening accident or your pet may have developed a sudden illness which needs urgent care.

This can be very distressing but here at Rutland House we are proud to have a 24-hour emergency care service at our hospital. Should the situation arise you can be assured that your pet is being looked after by our team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Evening Clinics - Rutland House Veterinary Hospital Group 

Clients Only Consultation fee £114.48

Monday-Friday: 6.00pm – 8.00pm*

Out of Hours Emergency Service Consultation fee £188.48

Monday-Friday: After 6.00pm*

Saturday: All day

Sunday: All day

Bank Holidays: All day

* To non-member practice clients from 8.00pm, Consultation fee £224.10.

All prices include VAT

The what's app button will be available from the bottom of the website on every page.