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APES Causes

At APES Shelter & Rescue, our causes is the heartbeat of our mission – it's a passionate pursuit for the well-being of exotic animals. Animal welfare is at the core of everything we do; it's about ensuring that each and every animal receives the respect, love, and care they rightfully deserve. Our advocacy extends beyond the boundaries of our shelter, as we tirelessly work towards the improvement of treatment standards for animals everywhere. We believe that education plays a critical role in transforming attitudes and practices involving exotic pets, and we're committed to enlightening the public about the appropriate care these magnificent species require.

However, our cause encompasses more than just hands-on care; we engage in active dialogues with policymakers, communities, and individuals to promote laws and regulations that protect the voiceless. We collaborate with global networks to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and to put an end to exploitation and cruelty. Our initiatives range from simple community education programs to complex rescue operations, all aimed at creating a safer, more compassionate world for animals.

Moreover, we understand the power of collective action. Every voice can amplify our advocacy, and sometimes, all it takes is a signature to ignite a positive change. Public support through petitions and campaigns can be a formidable force for reforming legislation and influencing societal norms. We encourage our visitors, supporters, and followers to participate in these causes that can have a considerable impact. Together, we can be the change that ensures the ethical, fair, and kind treatment of all animals, giving them the life and liberty they so deeply deserve.

Ban Dog Prong Collars

It's very simple, these look like a torture device.


Would you put one on uncontrollable children? No, so why put them on our dogs? 


Would it be legal to do it to our children? No, so why should people be allowed to use them on dogs.

If you agree with this very simple argument sign our petition. 

Invertebrates to be protected

Invertebrates are commonly overlooked. They are sometimes beautiful and also can become part of a family just as much as a reptile can.

Reptiles were also a species of animal that was ignored but now are protected just as much as a dog and cat can.

Why should an invert be any different? When an animal is kept as a pet it should be protected just like any other pet. 

We feel it is due to a lack of understanding, myths, looks and hate for the Invertebrates that has stopped them from being included.

Change The Dangerous Dog Act 1991

We believe that most of the time is down to "genetics, clinical, behavioural and environmental factors."

We believe a breed should not be singled out as being aggressive, and that potential owners of dogs need to have the correct knowledge when owning a dog, including signs of aggression and some expertise when it comes to certain types of breeds.

Help us get the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 amended and reinforced to stop unnecessary culling of dogs and to promote responsible ownership of dogs. Not every dog is to blame, as humans, with brains and intelligence we are responsible for our dogs, we domesticated them so please support our cause.