The Undeniable Risks of Live Feeding

13.01.24 03:13 PM Comment(s) By APES

The Undeniable Risks of Live Feeding: Ensuring Safety and Compliance in Exotic Animal Care

Despite the varying nature and nutritional preferences of exotic pets, there’s one aspect of their care that should always be approached with caution: the act of live feeding. A practice common among the caretakers of many carnivorous and omnivorous exotic species, live feeding can often pose significant risks to both the pet and feeder, not to mention its ethical concerns. 

Moreover, the grey lines of the law surrounding this practice can also turn innocent hobbyists into unknowing lawbreakers, an aspect highlighted in a video we recently came across from America. Regulations regarding live feeding vary significantly between countries, and it's crucial to understand and respect the laws of your locality. 

In the UK, specifically, the law is quite clear: live feeding can only be undertaken by experienced professionals. This regulation does not merely relate to the act of feeding itself but extends to the source of the feed. 

If you're intending to feed live prey to your pet, the law dictates that the animal must be bred by yourself. This unequivocally means that you cannot procure a live feed animal, be it a mouse, rat, or otherwise, from a pet shop. These animals are bred specifically for the pet industry, not as live feed for other pets, and anyone found to be purchasing them for such a use could find themselves branded as an animal abuser in the eyes of the law. More so, the pet shop that knowingly sells a pet for live feeding risks having their license revoked. 

This prohibition is not merely a legal constraint. It’s a measure that protects the welfare of all animals involved and encourages responsible pet ownership. Remember, feeding exotic pets can prove a complex task that entails far more than simply providing them with mealworms or live prey. Therefore, it's vitally important to feed safely and seek professional advice when you're unsure. Your local vet clinic is a convenient and trustworthy source for this information. 

By following these guidelines, not only do we abide by our responsibilities as exotic pet owners, but we also ensure the welfare of these marvelous creatures that deserve our respect, love, and most attentive care. 

Stay informed. Stay safe. Stay compassionate. 

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